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Content archived on 2024-05-29

A Novel Gasket and Seal System used for EMI Shielding Using Double Percolation of Carbon Nanotube Technology to Improve Safety, Profitability and Productivity for SMEs


Roxtec AB in Karlskrona, Sweden has identified a considerable market need for an Easy to Mount EMC Cable Seal System. Today's solutions for EMI shielding Gaskets and Seals are expensive and possess limited physical properties. The aim of this project is to develop a low cost, environmental friendly novel Gasket and Seal System with excellent physical properties used for EMI Shielding using Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Technology. Single-wall carbon nano tubes (SWNT) and multi-wall carbon nano tubes (MWNT) are two alternative fillers in the project with excellent shielding properties. In the project compounding of these fillers will be developed according to a double percolation concept with a polycarbonate/polyethylene blend. The compound will be processed into a 2D-film. The double percolation concept and the 2D-film geometry together minimize material costs and at the same time maximize EMI shielding performance. Process ability of the 2D-film into 3D-shapes by bending, gluing, welding and to some extent thermoforming secures the film apposition as a universal and cost-efficient shielding material.

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