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On-line commercial technical open publishing service


OCTOPUS aims to investigate how multimedia technical documents can be produced, interchanged and shared both within companies with offices world-wide and between co-operating partners and authorities world-wide. The pilot will investigate advanced techniques for multimedia data capture and annotations in work intensive situations such as inspection of ships, offshore installations and process plants. In addition the pilot will examine integrated information control such as the integration of multimedia technical documentation with user safety procedures. The pilot will investigate how to support users in their decision making, and establish requirements for corporate memory systems enabling experience transfer within a company and between business partners.

The OCTOPUS project will investigate the feasibility of a system to support generation, distribution and management of complex technical information in a globally distributed organisation. The system should be based on integration of a number of technologies as well as the use of existing and emerging standards. The feasibility study will also outline further development where necessary. The key components to be investigated are geographically distributed databases, hypermedia, multimedia data capturing-, processing- and visualisation tools and on-line annotation tools.

Typical user organisations are characterised by internal and external publishing towards company offices world-wide as well as towards government authorities and business partners. Typical technical documents to be published consists of multimedia data with complex interrelations and a long life time. Typical tasks include a spectrum from local work with local data; over local work based on globally distributed data; to cooperation between globally distributed people using distributed data.

The OCTOPUS project will address the needs for increased accessibility of complex technical documents and the need to effectively serve a spectrum of different user tasks concurrently including support for different views on shared data. Further the project will address the need for global document management, including effective management of long life cycles and distribution of data in global networks. The project will also address the needs for effective data capture of multimedia data and on-line annotation.

The study will also investigate the commercial potential for this type of system.

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