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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Towards a European electronic medical information system


The project concerns integrated pan-European medical information resources. It will pilot new services and systems for medical information dissemination The consortium aim to improve the quality of information provision to the user. They also wish to make information more rapidly available to the various levels of professional users and to aid the lateral sharing of information within specialties. They will do this by focusing on three specific areas:

1. Improvement of the vertical passage of information from creation by research specialists to use in practice by generalists in the profession.
2. Enhancement of lateral exchange of information between professionally equivalent groups across Europe.
3. Improving the integration of published materials with important local sources of professional information ("one stop shops")

There are identifiable shortcomings in the quality of information provision to the medical profession. The STM publishing industry, responsible for provision of a high proportion of information essential to the profession, makes only limited use of new technology available for electronic publishing and information delivery.

This project assesses the feasibility of establishing a cluster of pilot projects within the Information Engineering programme, whose aim would be to pilot uses of new technology to improve the quality of medical information provision to identified groups of professional users (medical research workers, doctors, nurses etc) within selected medical specialties (e.g. dermatology).

The approach to be adopted is to focus on three specific areas of improvement of the quality of information provision to the user:
1) acceleration of the flow of information from its generation by medical research workers vertically down through the various levels of medical professional user groups (e.g. doctors, nurses) within any given specially, ultimately leading to faster creation of and access to quality medical information for patients and the general public
2) enhancement of 'lateral' information exchange between professionally equivalent groups of medical information users within a specially (e.g. dermatology doctors) in different EU member states, to enhance consistency of medical knowledge and best practice throughout the EU
3) effective integration at the user's desk of important local sources of professional information (e.g. hospital records, drug legislature etc) with published information, to create linked information resources (referred to in the proposal as "one stop shops") appropriate to the specific needs of the professionally distinct user groups within a medical specialty.

The result of this project will be a qualified set of proposals for a cluster of pilot projects that will address key technical and business issues in fulfilling the identified information needs. We expect that such a cluster of projects will lead to the emergence of entirely new forms of STM publishing, making better use of the available technology to improve electronic publishing and information dissemination, offering to the user significantly improved accessibility, retrievability and usability of medical information.

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