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Management assistance to exploratory action coordination


Within its scope as a management support project, MAXICO's principal achievements have been:

- technical expert assessments of APAS project deliverables
- quality control over standard of conformance of APAS project deliverables
- APAS project coordination and progress monitoring
- organisation and administrative support for DG XIII APAS project workshops, technical review and other project meetings
- preparation and publication of "APAS '94" Synopsis Document, the 'Interim Results' version and this current 'Final Results' update
- preparation and publication of the "Transport Telematics - Air Transport Project Summaries" providing information on projects launched under the Fourth Framework Programme as follow-on activities to the APAS '94 programme
- assistance to DG XIII in the dissemination and exploitation of APAS project results
- specialist advice and support to DG XIII project officers.
MAXICO was a management support project providing specialist advice and assistance to the European Commission's Directorate General XIII in the coordination, monitoring, assessment and progression of APAS projects in the Telematics Applications Programme, in particular those related to exploratory actions in research and technology development of telematic systems for air transport. The objectives of the project were to help to make the programme internally coherent, relevant in the larger world of air transport, and effective.

Initially, the main emphasis of MAXICO activities was in the coordination, conformance control and technical assessment of deliverables produced by other APAS projects, and the provision of timely advice and recommendations to DG XIII concerning progress and the technical value and acceptability of reports received. Latterly the focus has been on the dissemination and exploitation of results from the APAS projects, and on the consolidation of coherent technical inputs to follow-on ATM-related projects within the context of the Fourth Framework Programme.

Exploitation potential

The MAXICO project has successfully demonstrated the value of specialist technical and project coordination support to the Commission, including the assessment of deliverables produced by projects and the formulation of recommendations for dissemination and exploitation of APAS project results. Part of the experience gained has been exploited in the structure of support contracts for the Telematics Applications Programme under the Fourth Framework.


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