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Corba validation


Object Orientation is the next software development paradigm that will sweep through the world of Information Technology. Essential to the successful deployment of Object Technology is the ability for client programs to be able to request services from objects by binding to a consistent, well defined interface without regard to the physical location of the server object that will carry out the requested service.

The Common Object Request Broker Architecture specification (CORBA) published by the Object Management Group, and forming part of X/Open's set of Open Systems specifications known as the Common Application Environment (CAE), describes a software "bus" that provides this connection between clients and server objects in a distributed environment.

The products that perform this function are called Object Request Brokers (ORBs), but there are no tools available to help ORB developers, system integrators and users ensure that competitive implementations of the ORB implementations are interoperable and provide the needed consistency of services to client applications and server objects.

The objective of the CORVAL project is to facilitate and encourage multi-vendor deployment of Object Request Brokers (ORBs) by developing and bringing to market:

- a programme to promote and differentiate conforming and interoperable ORBs, that is distinctive, clear and valuable to buyers; and
- product quality test tools to help developers build conformance and interoperability into their ORBs.

The approach is to:
1. Specify, develop and review a set of product quality test tools for validating ORB implementations for conformance and interoperability against the CORBA 2 specification.
2. Build on the ADL automated test generation research already conducted by X/Open, the Information technology Promotion Agency (Japan) and Sun Microsystems Labs (USA), and transfer skills in this technology into Europe.
3. Define and validate the benefits and features users require of an ORB "marking" or "branding" programme, and develop and launch a continuing programme that best exploits the existing equity of the X/Open brand.

Technical exploitation will be through licensing of the test tools, sale of support and maintenance services and the use of the tools by ORB developers in development and QA.

Marketing exploitation will be through use of the results of the project, particularly the "marking" or "branding" scheme, in the marketing and promotion of the partners' Object Request Brokers, and the promotion of this scheme to users and other ORB vendors.


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