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Corba validation

Exploitable results

The CORVAL project has resulted in the creation of a test suite that can be used to help certify the conformance of an Object Request Broker (ORB) to the definition of the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) extended to include the Internet Inter-Operability Protocol (IIOP) Version 2.1 (known as the CORBA-IIOP V2.1 Standard). The test suite is supplied to vendors of ORBs that claim to be compliant to the standard to allow them to certify that their implementation does meet the definition. This provides a level of confidence to purchasers of an ORB in displaying that the ORB meets a certain level of standard, and that they can choose between different ORB vendors knowing that there is a certain level of compatibility between all of the vendors. Through the associated 'Open Brand for CORBA' program initiated by The Open Group, users are then encouraged to mandate conformance to the CORBA-IIOP V2.1 standard when they specify their requirements for ORB technology in any procurement purchases they make. By users mandating this conformance, it encourages vendors to raise their standards of implementation to conform to the CORBA-IIOP V2.1 Specification. The test suites thus developed by the CORVAL project can then evolve to incorporate more comprehensive tests of compliance, and also, to add tests in other areas of Object Technology, encouraging even higher standards in levels of implementation and coverage available to users.