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Making protection from cancer-causing radon available to everyone with a unique radon sensor: small, fast, reliable, connected, affordable


Indoor radon is the 2nd frequent source for lung cancer, causing each year >290,000 deaths worldwide. As naturally occurring radioactive gas, it diffuses from the ground into buildings and accumulates inside. It can't be seen, smelled or tasted. In the EU >34,000,000 buildings, mostly homes, are affected by increased radon levels and have a need for monitoring & mitigation. A compact, affordable, smart radon sensor is central to serve that need. Our AlphaSensor is 65% smaller & 60% cheaper than any other sensor, yet fast, precise and very robust. It's designed to be produced in large quantities at low costs and has interfaces for easiest integration into air quality devices & smart building control systems. Several manufacturers of such high-volume applications have expressed interest in AlphaSensor. Serving them with our unique sensor will boost our company growth considerably. Relying on a motivated team of skilled business experts we make protection from radon available to everyone!


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€ 1 364 737,50
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89426 Wittislingen

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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