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Development and commercialisation of a next generation sports head guard, embedded with clinically validated sensors, for the detection of sports induced brain injuries.


10% of all contact sport athletes (in rugby/football/baseball/boxing) sustain regular concussions & mild traumatic brain (mTBIs) injuries due to linear & rotational head impacts. Globally >4M/annum mTBI incidents are reported in contact sports. With 20.1 concussions per 1000 player hrs, concussion is the most common reported match injury, occurs in 81% of the matches. Currently concussions/mTBI management/treatment costs EU €17B/annum.

No existing headgear is clinically approved to provide protection against linear and rotational impacts hence fail to reduce concussion incidents.
Contego Sprots are developing world’s first clinically approved headgear for contact sports ‘NProSend’ which will reduce all linear impacts by 75% & rotational by 55% as compared to exiting headgear. NProSend will also provide early detection of concussion/mTBI by processing cumulative effect of head impact data collected by embedded IoT enabled triaxial sensors and processed by AI algorithms.


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€ 2 318 032,00
Unit 1 Oranmore Business Park - Oranmore
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