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An innovative filtration system to improve the coagulation properties of plasma units to treat patients with massive bleeding


Around 40% of deaths worldwide are due to bleeding, which establishes haemorrhage as the most common cause of preventable death. Early intervention is generally sought by transfusing red blood cells, plasma, and platelets at a ratio of 1:1:1; however, this can lead to increased bleeding
and death. PlasFree is tackling this unmet demand of novel therapeutic approaches for haemorrhage by developing ClearPlasma™, an innovative filtration system that extracts plasminogen from plasma, leading to an efficient treatment for massive bleeding. ClearPlasma™ also allows to reduce up
to 45% of the number of plasma units required during transfusion. PlasFree will be part of a booming global blood transfusion market valued at €6.34 billion. With the EIC support, PlasFree aims to deliver substantial global impact, for patients and healthcare systems, by accelerating the
development of ClearPlasma™ as well as scaling-up and conducting clinical validation to prove the device’s safety and efficacy.


Net EU contribution
€ 1 279 184,00
Wadi El Haj 13
1600101 Nazareth

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Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
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€ 548 222,25