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Tangible Knowledge Exhibition


In order to create excitement for research and technological development among young people, particularly women, to put them in touch with research-oriented employers and to raise awareness for the importance of research in the general public, an exhibit ion demonstrating the tangible results of research will be organised. Research institutions and research-intensive companies will display the fruits of their research and talk about their impact. Two invited speakers with mass appeal, one of them a woman , will attract much attention. The event will also be promoted with leaflets and posters at schools, student unions and universities as well as through the media. Feedback will be collected and experiences will be documented and published so that other i nitiatives trying to achieve similar goals can build on them in the future. The exhibition will be organised as an addition to an already established international conference series, thereby driving down costs and at the same time benefiting from the eve nt management experience of the conference organisers. The focus of the overall event will be broadened, since the conference has so far only targeted registered participants from academia and industry, while the proposed additional event will target pri marily young people who could pursue a career in research and will be open to the general public free of charge.

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