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Science for the People


The main idea behind organizing the project is to raise public awareness of the role played by researches in society, to demonstrate that practical applications of scientific achievements profoundly affect our day-to-day existence, and to encourage young p eople to pursue scientific careers. In frame of the IX Science Festival - Warsaw - 2005 (16-25 September) five additional chain-like events will be organized. They include the following topics: 1. Educational and reserach possibilities for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students in European Research Area. Polish society, a new member of the EU community, needs more information about new and attractive opportunities in the field of education and research. 2. Science (physics) is not difficult. Lack of understanding physics is a significant barrier to learning of natural science. It may further result in discouraging young people from studying natural science. 3. See how it works: science in everyday life. General public is not aware how nume rous basic studies are hidden behind new technologies. 4. From disease to therapy. Rational drug design is a perfect example of how combined methods of biochemistry, molecular biology, physics, bioinformatics, and computer technology contribute to invent ing new drugs. 5. Decreasing the level of aggression. Increasing level of aggression observed within societies, as well as between different countries has become one of the most pressing problems for mankind. We should better recognize the true causes an d mechanism behind this worrying phenomenon. Forms: debates, workshops, demonstrations, interactive presentations performed by academics and scientists. All events will be open both to general public and to organized school classes. Entry: free of char ge.

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