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2005 ?Researchers in Europe? Initiative in Iceland


In order to reach its goal of becoming the most competitive and dynamic knowledge based economy in the world and devote an average of 3% of the member states' GDP to research, the EU requires no less than 700.000 new researchers before the year 2010. The European Commission has concluded that the need to raise public awareness about the role of researchers in society and to attract more young people into scientific careers will play a central role in ensuring the availability of adequate human resources . This proposal incorporates Iceland into the 2005 Researchers in Europe initiative which is a European wide awareness activity addressing this problem. It brings together various organizations and the media in order to achieve three main objectives: 1 . To improve and promote a better understanding of researchers' contribution to society in terms of innovation, job creation, competitiveness and economic growth. 2. To encourage more young people to embark on careers in R&D and thereby contribute to the number of researchers in European Research Area. 3. To raise the attractiveness of the European Research Area for researchers from all over the world. The project is divided into four workpackages. WP 0 addresses the management of the project and W P 1 its animation. WP 2 consists of two activities where the media and individual researchers play an important role in bringing science closer to the public and WP 3 consists of four activities that are all designed to raise young people's interest in R &D and encourage them to embark on scientific careers. The project has a time frame of 7 months. RANNIS, the project coordinator, is a public organization under the Ministry of Education and Research. It allocates public research grants and promote s international research cooperation. It is also responsible for science communication and has great relations with the whole of the research community, public organizations and the media.

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