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Towards Hydrogen and Electricity Production with Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage


DYNAMIS responds to the target of "Preparing for large scale H2 production from decarbonised fossil fuels including CO2 geological storage". The main objective is to prepare the ground for large scale European facilities producing hydrogen and electricity from fossil fuels with CO2 capture and geological storage. 29 legal entities have established DYNAMIS, encompassing 4 European fossil fuel end users, 3 fossil fuel producers, 6 technology providers, 1 engineering- and 1 financing group together with 14 R TD providers. The group gathers the critical mass required to undertake such a task. DYNAMIS is designed as an element of the HYPOGEN project, part of the European Commission´s Quick-Start Programme within the Initiative for Growth. The HYPOGEN project in cludes as an interim step the construction of a large-scale facility for the production of hydrogen and electricity from decarbonised fossil fuels with CO2 storage. DYNAMIS is the first step on that route, designed to rank the options and to reduce the ris k in development of a fullscale pilot plant post-2008. DYNAMIS is organised as an integrated project (IP). The RTD activities are structured in 5 sub projects that directly meet the stated objectives of the Work Programme: * SP2 Power plant and capture tec hnology * SP3 Product gas handling (H2 and CO2) * SP4 Storage of CO2 * SP5 Planning and pre-engineering of plants * SP6 Societal anchorage of a HYPOGEN demonstration DYNAMIS will, in compliance with the stated objectives of the Work Programme: * deliver ap propriate information and provide recommendations for potential technologies, plants and sites for large scale hydrogen production with CO2 management from fossil fuels at a level intended for pursuing the pilot phase of HYPOGEN * provide a framework for l egal, financing and public perception of a HYPOGEN demonstration * generate, exploit and disseminate new knowledge that contributes to the implementation of the EU energy and research policy.

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