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Towards a Large SOFC Power Plant


The LARGE-SOFC consortium proposes a project to investigate and produce components and sub-systems for high temperature fuel cell systems. The objective is to develop concepts for components and sub-systems and verify their suitability for use in both pressurized and atmospheric SOFC units that can be developed for large-scale power plants for the medium to long term. The focus will be on technologies for SOFC units with the potential for hundreds kW to several MW, will cost Euro1000/kW or less at production scale, have 50,000 hours durability and efficiencies of 60% plus in power generation mode and 80% for CHP.

The aim of the proposed project is to address the basic problems of moving from existing kW size SOFC units to units of several hundred kW to MW size SOFC power plants. The work is divided into two parts. The major part of the project targets the systems, components and sub-system challenges of large-scale SOFC units. This will require the following work packages:
- System analysis, Balance of Plant (BoP) modelling and validation
- System layout and integration,
- Components and sub-systems,
- Development of industrial scale stack
- Verification of the systems and sub-systems.

This is supported by a package of work examining the required infrastructure and socio economic issues that will affect installation and operation of SOFC systems. Thus the package involves:
- Fuels
- Connection to grid
- Safety and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
- Training and dissemination of information

The project is expected to provide a clear picture of how MW size power plants should be planned, developed, manufactured and brought into use.

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