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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Security of Supply PhotoVoltaic Inverter: combined UPS, power quality and grid support function in a photovoltaic inverter for weak low voltage grids


The liberalisation of the electricity market, combined with the international pressure to reduce CO2 emissions, lead to new architectures of the future electricity networks with a large penetration of distributed energy resources, in particular from renewa ble sources. But the integration of distributed energy resources at the time being is performed in such a way that their intermittency impacts strongly on the grids, what leads to increasing concerns in terms of power quality and of security of supply by t he end users. The present project aims at developing an inverter, dedicated to the injection of photovoltaic energy into low voltage grids, with special features so that first, the impact on the grid of the very quick fluctuations of sun irradiation is min imised and even more, the PV system provides grid support on demand and secondly, the end user is protected against poor power quality and outages of the grid. In the project 6 partners join efforts for developing a Security of Supply PV Inverter of which, at the end of the project, 5 prototypes will have proved in field tests to provide both power quality and UPS function to the house grid and to support the external grid on demand. The energy supply will be ensured by storage systems for which the lithium -ion technology and a hybrid of lead-acid battery and supercapacitors will be compared in terms of performance and cost of ownership.Targets for the SoS-PV inverter are to have the same efficiency as conventional PV inverters with an additional cost of les s than 30% excluding storage, to prove low environmental impact and high efficiency with maximum PV energy production. At the end of the project, provisions will be given for the integration of the SoS-PV inverter in a virtual power plant.By providing such services, the SoS-PV inverter is expected to increase acceptability of photovoltaic energy and thus allow its increased penetration in the grids.

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