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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Development of Biotechnology derived alternatives for sustainable detergents and innovative strategies of using Sustainable ingredients by encapsulation and surfactants structuring


The Protect and Gamble European Technical Centre (B) and its partners offer the opportunity to 7 fellows to build up scientific-technological knowledge in the field of enzyme technology and encapsulation/surfactant structuring technology in order to develop sustainable detergents that will lead to significant reductions of detergent weight, energy, CO2 and solid waste. The training focuses on developing the scientific basis to create a detergent, which minimizes surfactant and bulk bleach level needs and rep laces it with different types of enzymes, biopolymers and biosurfactants.

The fellows will:
(1) investigate the potential of different enzymes and biosurfactants in the development of sustainable detergents with focus on bleaching enzymes like lipoxygenase and laccase, hydrolases like carbohydrases, cellulases and cutinases, transferases for the synthesis of biosurfactant, and detergent formulation with performance measurement and impact on textiles and fabrics in a lundry process; and
(2) develop encapsulation and surfactant structuring technology in order to help stabilising and manufacturing active ingredients in bleach and detergents (i.e. catalyst activators, bleaches, enzymes, hueing and brightening agents and perfumes) with low pH and low surfactant levels and with high pH and high surfactant levels.

On long term the objective is to achieve a breakthrough in the development of novel enzymes that are needed for the development of innovative detergents that have a long-term sustainable character and following the new EU detergent directive and the EU Environmental Technologies Action Plan.

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