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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Hydrogen for clean urban transport in Europe


The HyFLEET:CUTE project will comprise the continued operation of the FC-fleet from the former CUTE and ECTOS projects, the development and demonstration of a new FC hybrid pre-prototype and the development, construction and demonstration of a fleet of 14 hydrogen powered internal combustion engine (ICE) buses in regular service in Berlin including the required hydrogen infrastructure. It will be a part of the European Hydrogen & Fuel Cell platform.

Goals of this project are to:
- Improve FC technology by continuing the operation of 21 FC- buses over a period of 12 months in 7 European and in parallel continuing the operation another 6 buses in China and Western Australia
- Develop the concept, design and production of a new FC hybrid bus as a pre-prototype aiming at 20% less fuel consumption than a comparable diesel bus
- Built up the hydrogen infrastructure for operating a fleet of 14 buses in Berlin
- Development, design and production of 4 buses with naturally aspirated hydrogen ICE

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