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Parallel industrial numerical applications and portable libraries


The principal objective of the project is to produce a library of parallel numerical software relevant to a wide range of industries and portable and efficient across a wide range of high-performance machines.

The numerical algorithms must be accurate, stable and robust and existing software will be used as much as possible. The end users' application codes have been chosen to represent a varied, if not comprehensive, cross-section of industrial problems including electromagnetic, fluid dynamics, chemical reaction and thermal applications. The numerical software required to solve these problems includes dense and sparse linear algebra, ordinary differential equation, partial differential equation and optimisation routines. This choice of application codes will ensure a substantial breadth of applicability for the numerical library. The performance improvements in the end users' applications achieved by the use of the numerical software developed in the project will be a clear metric of its success.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


VSN International Limited
5 The Waterhouse, Waterhouse Street,
HP1 1ES Hemel Hempstead
United Kingdom

Participants (4)

British Aerospace Limited, Military Aircraft Division
United Kingdom
Lancaster House, Fanborough Aerospace Centre
GU146YU Farnborough
Ibm Semea
Via Tolmezzo 15
20132 Milano
Math-Tech Aps
Kildeskovsvej 67
2820 Gentofte
Thomson Csf
Boulevard Haussmann 173
75 008 Paris