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Animation package for real-time simulation

Exploitable results

ARTIST is one of the first animation packages specializing in the development of real time graphic applications including games, simulation and virtual reality. It is a fully integrated package for generating graphics applications. The resulting software has high quality 3-dimensional graphics and is optimized for speed. The reductions in the development time and costs offered make ARTIST a valuable tool in any games programmer's portfolio. Unlike current commercial graphic design packages, ARTIST has been designed with the needs of real time applications in mind. It is graphics-oriented and generates graphics database structures that are optimized for speed while taking maximum advantage of the graphics hardware. This is achieved by incorporating automatic optimization algorithms for defining the graphics databases. ARTIST is also behaviour-oriented and integrates both the graphics and the behaviour of an application's object at an earlier stage of development compared to other tools. In this way, modular step-by-step testing can be performed easily and fine tuning of the game is facilitated. ARTIST uses off-the-shelf, add-on software to provide the main graphics source and greater functionality.