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Fluid structure interaction- high performance simulation for structural design

Exploitable results

The simulation code addresses a class of Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) problems characterised by practically incompressible flow conditions, slender structures, i.e., large length to width ratio, and structural analysis performed with beam finite elements. For this class of problems the code offers computational methods for coupled simulations where the scalability of the involved CFD-code (Computational Fluid Dynamics-code) is maintained. The simulation code is implemented on parallel computers, using the PVM standard. Two software products are suitable for further development and exploitation: A FSI system capable of customisation to a particular application A coupling module for linking fluid flow and structural analysis codes. The developed FSI-system may be utilised to address phenomena such as wind-induced motions of bridges and masts, as well as vortex induced vibration (VIV) of submerged risers, anchor lines and pipelines. The FSI-system is currently used by Rambøll (DK), Norsk Hydro (NO) and SINTEF (NO). Project URL :