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A parallel optimisation scheme applied to extrusion die design


The objectives of the project are to develop an automatic optimisation tool based on Polyflow which takes into account all aspects of die design.

In particular this includes flow-balance adjustments, wall-temperature adjustments and front-face design. The project will validate the tool for rubber and PVC profiles and for medical applications. This will allow a comparison with the traditional 'trial and error' approach and a report on the economic benefits of the new tool will be a deliverable of the project.

The use of the latest HPCN technology will reduce the computing time taken to design a complete die to less than one day on fast parallel computers. Simpler problems will take a similar time on a network of workstations. The problems to be tackled are numerically intensive because they involve non-linear fluid mechanics and optimisation and could not realistically be attempted without the use of high-performance computers.

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