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Open HPF programming environment


The project brings together tools for High Performance Fortran (HPF) program development, including the NA Software HPF Mapper and associated toolset, and HPF-oriented support tools from PALLAS and Simulog. These tools stem from prior research and development within ESPRIT and nationally funded projects and have all reached market status. The project aims to bring these together to form a coherent HPF Toolset which is open and capable of supporting additional and alternative tools and compilers.

The project will also assess the effectiveness of HPF and of the current tools with respect to:

- The cost of carrying out code parallelisation which should be reduced by using HPF.
- The ongoing costs of supporting the parallel code.
- The efficiency of the resulting code relative to a hand-parallelised message-passing version.
- The effectiveness of the currently available support tools for HPF development and tuning.

The assessment will be based on a number of commercial strength codes brought to the project by industrial end users. The codes are all believed to be suited to the HPF programming style, and for each code a message-passing version already exists against which the comparisons can be made. The development of HPF versions of the codes will benefit from the understanding gained in developing this message-passing version.

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