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Datamining file server


Data mining is a technique for examining very large databases to help discern subtle relationships suggesting new business activities that need increased or decreased investment. The project aims to enhance the performance and functionality of data-mining systems by building a special purpose parallel data-mining server and an associated front-end client. This will be achieved by:

- Building a parallel data-mining client server product with scalable high performance;
- Adding value by improved functionality and cost performance;
- Satisfying the data-mining needs of the data-dependent industries.

The main technical innovation is the implementation of current and emergent data-mining technology and associated database techniques on a CPU intensive server running on the PARSYS parallel platform. Large volumes of data, too great for analysis, have been a major problem for end users. The results of this project will make it possible to search and analyse these very large databases in order to find information important to the competitiveness of many organisations.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Parsys Ltd
Boston Road Boundary House
W7 2QE London
United Kingdom

Participants (6)

Equifax Europe
United Kingdom
Capital House, Chapel Str. 25
NW1 5DS London
Ids Integral Decisions Systems Software Entwicklung Gmbh
Edelweiss Straat 3
81541 Muenchen
Integral Solutions Ltd (ISL)
United Kingdom
Berk House Basing View
RG21 4KG Basingstoke
Royal Life Services
United Kingdom
New Hall Place
L69 3HS Liverpool
TSB Bank
United Kingdom
Victoria House Victoria Square
B1 1BZ Birmingham
University of Stuttgart
Nobelstrasse 12
70569 Stuttgart