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Tools for high productivity engineering design


High-performance computing now allows simulation to be used as a predictive tool in the design of complex components. Such components include combustion chambers, turbo-machinery, civil engineering structures and automotive parts. The design of these involves computational fluid dynamics, computational electromagnetics, seismic analysis and computational structural and vibrational analysis. The objective of the project is to develop a highly productive interactive open environment supporting HPCN simulation techniques applied to engineering problems. The project aims at integrating in a common framework tools developed within other EU projects and elsewhere. The integrated framework will be open to all software packages. This will be achieved by making use of currently available and emerging standards in distributed computing and data. The effectiveness of the environment will be demonstrated in three complex industrial design cycles:

- Design of civil aircraft components using computational electromagnetics.
- Sensitivity analysis of dams under seismic loads using structural mechanics.
- Development of an experimental rig using computational fluid dynamics.


Bertin & Cie Sa
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Centro Informazioni Studi ed Esperienze SpA
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Enel- Ente Nationale Energia Elettrica S.P.A.
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