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Linking system designers and cad developers in Europe


- To promote and encourage the widespread use of advanced ESD technology in Europe with emphasis on users from SMEs.

- To build up a broad level of know-how on ESD methods and tools including their merits and shortcomings with respect to a wide area of practical applications.

- Help to improve the quality and efficiency of system design products on a larger scale.

- Contribute to shorten the learning curve for new system designers resulting in shorter time-to-market products at a higher level of product quality.

- Bring together potential partners for technological cooperations across Europe to achieve improved competitiveness of European industries on international markets.

The main objective of this Dissemination Activity is to disseminate the results of ESD-projects, both of Application Experiments and of Demonstration Projects to the electronic system design community in Europe. For this purpose, there is first a process for collecting information on applied methods and tools, approaches used and experiences gained. This may include novel design methods and tools from CAD vendors and stable prototypes from European research activities. This information is then made available by various means to the participants of ESD projects and later also to a wider electronic community with emphasis on SMEs in Europe.

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