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European consortium active matrix iii


- Manufacturing Science and Technology for improving the production capability and performance of AMLCDs is a major part of the work in this project. Improvement of yield, of manufacturing equipment and of methodologies receive particular attention.

- A TFT technology suitable for low cost, small pitch, projection light valves and key components such as micro-lenses, lamps and screens will be developed further.

- The development of reflective polarisers as part of an efficient backlight system for use in active matrix TN displays.

- The creation of the know-how and infrastructure for the assembly of high quality low cost LCD modules will enhance existing, or create new capabilities, in this domain.

ECAM III follows ECAM I and II, and aims at enhancing the existing European capability in flat panel display production. The ECAM III project focuses on the development and demonstration of state-of-the-art active matrix liquid crystal displays for low cost applications in business, consumer and industry. Project targets are 2.8" high resolution displays for projection, and industrialisation and fabrication with high yield of VGA and SVGA graphic data displays. Efforts will also be devoted to reducing the operating power of the graphic data displays, development of digital signal processing capabilities, module assembly development and continued research in polysilicon, especially geared towards low cost projection.

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