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Time Dependent String Theories and Cosmology


Great progress was made in recent years on two different fronts. Experimentally we have improved our understanding of cosmology to the level that we now have a standard model of cosmology. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this model is the realization that most of the energy in the universe is made out of dark matter and dark energy which are not well understood. On the theoretical front string theory has been developed to the level that we now understand many non-perturbative aspects of the theory. This progress offers new ways of making contact between string theory and our four dimensional real world in general and cosmology in particular. The objective of this proposal is to take advantage of this progress and to improve our understanding of string theory in time dependent situations. We are hopeful that such a progress could lead to a {\it precise} realization in string theory of the standard model of cosmology in general, and of dark matter, dark energy and inflation in particular.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Nissan Itzhaki (Prof.)
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Rafi Elishav (Mr.)
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