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Mediterranean and regional perspectives


Specific Objectives

- Stimulate and support the development of a network of foresight institutions in the region;

- Set up a Futures type of initiative for the Mediterranean, e.g. the "Mediterranean Futures".
Planned Deliverables

Mediterranean Futures. Based on conclusions of the last meeting of the Monitoring Committee for EURO-MED Cooperation in RTD (Stockom, 13-15 June, 2001), IPTS will explore and expand the foresight activity on S&T done at the EU level to the Mediterranean Partner countries of the Barcelona Process.
Activity jointly developed with DG RTD.

Specific deliverables to DGs:

- Seminar of the Monitoring Committee for EURO-MED Cooperation in RTD jointly organized with DG RTD early 2002. The seminar will be partially dedicated to the preparation of the "Mediterranean Futures" exercise. Leading S&T institutions of the Mediterranean Partners and of the EU will take part in the seminar and will contribute to plan next steps. Modalities of action and priority areas will be defined;

- Develop work programme for the foresight initiative on the "Mediterranean Futures";

- Launch of the foresight initiative on the "Mediterranean Futures";

- Strengthening network of Mediterranean Foresight organisations.

As a result of the research:
To be defined by the Steering Committee of the "Mediterranean Futures" initiative

Summary of deliverables made by: 31/12/2001

- In 2001 IPTS rounded up several of the projects which had been launched in the context of TEAM (Techno-Economic Analysis Network for the Mediterranean), The aim of this network was to pool together ideas on Mediterranean perspectives, select and look for funding sources in order to set up co-operative regional projects. IPTS contributed to the preparation of the following proposals prepared by TEAM working groups and submitted for funding to FPV ¡VINCO. Diabetes (Accompanying measure) Food Technology (Thematic Network), Remote Sensing (Thematic Network); Food Toxicity (Share Cost Action)

- First exploratory study on consequences of free trade for Mediterranean Countries.

- Programming activities, in coordination with DG RTD for the launching of a major foresight exercise for this region in 2002 (Mediterranean Futures)


Output Indicators and Impact

Level of participation of key policy makers in the field of S&T from Mediterranean Partner Countries.
Summary of the project

IPTS accompanies and promotes the Euro-Mediterranean partnership (based on the Barcelona process), and in particular activities of The Monitoring Committee for EURO-MED Cooperation in RTD (MoCo) by investigating challenges and bottlenecks of the economies in the region and by elaborating co-operative actions for a sound techno-economic development in the Mediterranean.
Based on conclusions of the last MoCo meeting (Stockholm, June 2001; see in 2002 the project focus will be move towards strengthening the relations with institutions doing foresight in the Mediterranean basin. The aim will be (political conditions permitting) to develop a network of those institutions.
A second aim is to prepare the launching the "Mediterranean Futures" initiative, a Futures type of foresight exercise for the Mediterranean area


The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, launched in Barcelona in November 1995, opens up new opportunities for the construction of an area of co-operation and dialogue between the 15 Member States (374 million of inhabitants in 1997) and the 12 partners of the Mediterranean basin (225 million of inhabitants in 1997). The Barcelona Conference aimed at ensuring long-term peace and economic stability in the whole region through the creation of a large Free Trade Area (FTA) around the Mediterranean. It was agreed that the FTA should be implemented by the year 2010. The partners should undertake the necessary steps to prepare for the FTA. IPTS aim in this process is to assist Commission Services engaged in stimulating the partnership, as well as members of the The Monitoring Committee for EURO-MED Cooperation in RTD (MoCo - the MoCo was established by the inter-ministerial Conference of Barcelona) in understanding the challenges ahead and in particular in the field of S&T policy.

Funding Scheme

JRC - Joint Research Centre research


Institute for Prospective Technological Studies