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Information retrieval in an integrated system for police


The objective of IRISPOL is to develop an application for information retrieval in the Police sector.

Information will consist of multimedia data stored in a central database located in the Police headquarters and retrieved from the Police stations and from Police cars. The technical objectives of the project are to improve functionality and performance of technologies involved in the project and to develop an application using such improved technologies. The business objectives are the introduction of experimental technologies resulting from R&D projects in real application, the redeployment of IRISPOL application in other areas and the quality improvement of services provided by the Police.

A number of leading edge technologies resulting from previous projects, mostly developed in European Programmes, will be used; such as:

- Facial Recognition. This technology will be used to code face features based on face photographs. Face features are included in the Police records and are employed to identify criminals matching a photo fit picture. Currently, the Basque Police have available a set of software libraries for facial recognition, but it is not possible to code every feature. This software is based on results from the VIDIMUS Project (Esprit P2592).
- Data transmission. Morphological source coding techniques for visual data resulting from the MORPHECO Project (Race R2053) will be used in data transmission and storage. MORPHECO finished in December 1994 and its results are currently in an experimental stage.
- Information retrieval focused on multimedia data. Results from the INTUITIVE project (Esprit P6593), completed recently, will be used in the application for searching and displaying multimedia data.

Basic elements in the applications will be a workstation in a Police Station connected to a Central server; a multimedia database, located in the Police Headquarters, that includes photographs, fingerprints, voice and video files and relational data; and a mobile computer located in a Police car connected to Central server and accessing to multimedia database. Provided functionality will be:

- Transmission of compressed photographs from the Police Station to Central server and multimedia data retrieval and presentation in the workstation.
- Face features coding; photographs decompression and display; multimedia information retrieval based on a photo fit grey-level picture in the Central server.
- Request of information to Central by sending relational data and/or voice files and multimedia data retrieval and display in the Police car

Results will be

a) A configurable software toolset containing algorithms for facial recognition in face photographs, tools for information retrieval and results presentation and libraries for image coding/decoding for data storage and transmission.
b) Two demonstrators which will show that technologies are ready to be used in real applications.

Results, such as individual modules for image coding/decoding, information retrieval and facial recognition, will be redeployed both separately and as a complete application. Big organisations with large volumes of data such as power companies, publishers and those included in the health care sector are the target market for image coding/decoding and information retrieval modules. Facial recognition modules and the IRISPOL application will focus on the security sector: police boards and private security companies.

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