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Oil and gas exploration and production user reference group for emerging new technologies


The Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (E&P) industry, like any other industry, does not sufficiently benefit from IT because there is a gap (temporal and functional) between the true, changing, needs and priorities of the business, and the available and emerging products and services.
The purpose of URGENT (User Reference Group for Exploitation of New Technology) is to identify, prioritise and define business requirements which will give the greatest opportunity for benefit from improvement in available information technology and information management products and services. For the highest priority business areas, URGENT will define the customer expectations and business cases for products and services implemented using POSC specifications.

The project focuses on business and user issues and will base requirements on models of business activities and processes. It aims to identify, and prepare business cases for, new products and services which take advantage of the shift from the 'application paradigm' to the information, knowledge, wisdom, full life-cycle paradigm, and which can exploit new and emerging information technology.
The project will encourage vendors to implement the identified customer expectations, but will not manage or co-ordinate those implementations. However, it can provide some common services to those vendors, such as joint meetings or seminars. The results of URGENT will be open throughout the industry.
URGENT will consider the information technology requirements which arise from the organisational, structural and process re-engineering which is taking place within E&P companies, and will consider how information technology can best enable this re-engineering.
The major URGENT deliverables are:
- Prioritised set of business areas, for which there are expected to be significant benefits from improved information flows and processes, defined in terms of a business activity model for the complete E&P life cycle
- For the previously identified business area "Optimise Field Development":
- Customer expectations documents
- More detailed information about current and planned products and services for that business area, and a gap analysis between available products and what is needed
- Analysis of opportunities offered by exploitation of new information technology.
- Promotion in the form of Open Days, literature and brochures
- Establishment of the URGENT Forum, an informal gathering of companies who want to actively work on and promote the results

The results will impact European SME's, who will be able to exploit at reduced cost the new opportunities resulting from the identified customer expectations.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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