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Exploitable results

The stone supplier MIAOW provides the opportunity to link companies Internet windows to the materials in the MIAOW virtual warehouse, and to make it immediately available to the building stone community. The Suppliers Internet windows are also organised in a Virtual Fair environment which offers easy to use search and navigation functionality within structured pavilions. MIAOW features: powerful services over a multimedia information repository which are easily accessible from anywhere in the world; a constantly updated database with information on materials, suppliers, manufactures; searching on materials textual description; searching on material's visual appearance; browsing through a simply structured organisation of the materials; browsing through a simply structured organization of pavilions grouping the stone suppliers stands. The present version of the MIAOW application feature full query capability to retrieve material from the database both using textual or numeric terms, and exploiting the visual aspects of the images of the stored material. The database information retrieval capability was enhanced with the realization of search by similarity and query by colour clicking functions, which provide for setting up interrogation on the basis of the visual aspect of a previously retrieved material and on the basis of a system palette featuring the medium colours of the materials available from the database. The major result achieved by the project is the realization of a full fledged Web application providing a comprehensive information system available on the Internet addressing the needs of all acting professionals in stone market physical characteristics of the material.