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Dry etching, electroplating and moulding


- Development of fast and versatile fabrication processes for mould inserts by means of high aspect ratio dry etching of silicon and metals. The silicon moulds can be used for an electroplating process, resulting in metal mould inserts for production of microstructures by means of moulding and embossing. The aspect ratios to be expected are 10 to 20 typically at diameters in the range of microns with profile control for releasing the structures.

- Development of a rapid prototyping process for microstructures with IC accuracy by means of e-beam lithography, dry etching and embossing.

- Demonstration of the process by selecting a pilot customer and fabricating the customer specific microstructures. Within this pilot production, a reduction of assembly costs and time will be demonstrated.

A LIGA-like microsystem process to produce 3-dimensional microstructures with high aspect ratios will be developed. The development is based on an inexpensive fabrication process for microstructuring of different materials using high aspect ratio dry etching and reproduction in plastic microstructures with IC tolerances. Microassembly of the structures will also form part of the project. The technology will be suited for economical fast prototyping as well as production of certain products.

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