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Omi-cell controller


The specific objective of the OMI Cell Controller System is the development of a generic shopfloor information and control system providing an integrated approach to information management at all levels of manufacturing from machine through to Material and Resources Planning.

The interfaces to production machinery are as diverse as the different types of production machine. Equally the interfaces from the shopfloor to commercial and administrative systems at factory level are diverse and are frequently customer specific. In both cases inflexible design and antiquated hardware/software are frequent limiting factors. The OMICELL project exploits the openness and scaleability of OMI hardware/software to develop an effective solution that may be engineered to integrate into existing manufacturing processes. The project will thereby illustrate the vertical integration of OMI technologies by employing OMI hardware and software technologies in appropriate embedded systems.
The OMI Cell Controller System will be both generic and standardised and may be adapted to a vast range of subdomains of the market. The starting point of the project is an existing cell controller system based on proprietary hardware/software and currently in use in discrete manufacturing processes such as car manufacturing. The development within the funded OMICELL project will update this existing system by introducing open and standardised hardware/software based on OMI technologies and extend its applicability to continuous manufacturing processes.
Within the funded OMICELL project both cell controllers and a generic intelligent transducer package will be developed. The role of these components in optimising a production process will be illustrated by their application to the continuous manufacturing processes of Kerry Ingredients, a global leader in the area of dairy products.

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