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Emerging X-ray Science and Technology: Combining Laser and Accelerator Physics

Final Activity Report Summary - MAXLAS (Emerging X-ray science and technology: combining laser and accelerator physics)

The project was to train a number of fellows in their early stage of their career both in laser and accelerator physics. It was organised around six tasks:
1) seeding a linear accelerator-based free electron laser with a femtosecond laser and its harmonics;
2) ultrashort pulse metrology; application to attosecond science and to the measurement of ultrashort FEL pulses;
3) particle acceleration using high power lasers and feasibility studies of combining laser-accelerators and conventional accelerators;
4) time-resolved X-ray diffraction;
5) ultrafast X-ray absorption spectroscopy for molecular structural dynamics;
6) XUV optics and optical diagnostics for the future XUV sources.

Progress was achieved in all of these tasks. 14 fellows were trained in combined laser and accelerator technologies, among them, six are PhD students. One has defended his thesis while five will do that in 2010 or 2011.

The project has been extremely useful in establishing contacts and collaborations between the Atomic Physics Division at the Physics Department, the Chemical Physics division at the Chemical Center, and the synchrotron facility MAX-lab.