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European RISC core for multimedia/DSP and embedded control


EURICO is an acronym for a complete platform for applications in the area of multimedia, telecommunication, embedded control. The project intends to create a new base for the design of applications to meet present and future requirements including the development of demonstration applications to illustrate the innovative character of the approach.

The main focus of EURICO is the design of a new RISC/DSP microprocessor based on the existing hyperstone 32- bit architecture. To promote user acceptance comfortable and powerful development tools and environments will be provided. Besides basic tools like ANSI C-Compiler, debugger, real-time kernel, behavioural simulator etc. the VIRTUOSO tools will be adapted and the ANDF technology will be provided. This approach is supported by demonstration applications in the above mentioned areas:

- CATV modem
- Ethernet-to-ATM switch
- Video control unit.
The new and innovative combination of RISC principles with DSP functionality on a unique core will result in a cost-effective base for the above mentioned applications.
To summarize, the OMI community will be provided with a new microprocessor architecture resulting in an innovative RISC/DSP implementation suitable for a wide range of applications including a complete development platform. Several investigations into OMI strategies and standards will be performed to ensure compatibility with other OMI projects and reusability of project results.


Hyperstone Electronics Gmbh
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78467 Konstanz

Participants (5)

Eonic Systems Nv
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Etnoteam S.p.a.
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20127 Milano
I & T Com
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