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Methodology and tools for multimedia documentation and electronic catalogues

Exploitable results

METODOC provides an integrated methodology and toolset for the development of multimedia-based technical documentation and electronic publishing. A market study carried out by the IAO has shown that there is a large quantity of software for multimedia-based technical documentation and electronic publishing, but little with integrative features, especially with regard to multimedia integration. The solution of these problems is METODOC, an integrated system that fulfils the following objectives: - development of a toolset of components for technical documentation and electronic publishing that integrates available tools in a user-friendly and homogenous environment - validated methodology for the whole process of production that leads to an automation of the development of technical documentation - innovative, high quality user access and retrieval mechanisms The METODOC process chain covers authoring, administration and publishing of multimedia technica documentation. The individual components are. - Authoring Only products that are already available on the market will be used. They can be plugged into the toolkit. - Administration An object management system will be used that co-ordinates the authoring process, administers the objects and manages the publishing process. This object management system does not only manage single objects like videos, sound, etc. but also administers compound objects like catalogue pages. - Publishing The publishing component defines the amount of documents to be published, checks for consistency and produces the result on a CD-ROM or Web-server.getting the content digital as early as possible and keeping it digital as long as possible. Project URL :