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Formal analysis and specification to realise adaptive cruise control


- To assess theapplicability of using mathematically formal techniques (LAMBDA) in the design of an adaptive cruise control system for an automobile.

- To improve the design efficiency in terms of shorter design cycle and higher design integrity.

- To allow re-usable designs through use of design history feature.

- To disseminate the results throughout the community.

FASTTRACC is an Application Experiment in which Lucas will undertake the design of a safety critical automotive component using the formal methodology and tools from AHL. Safety-critical systems are becoming more complex and more common-place. There are as yet few tools which address the issues of ensuring that a specification is both well-founded and implementable. One tool which has recently appeared on the market and which addresses the issues of safety-critical design is the LAMBDA tool from AHL. It is likely that as complexity continues to rise, standards authorities (e.g. Def Stan 00-55) will mandate the use of tools such as LAMBDA as best practice for the design of safety-critical systems.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


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