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Content archived on 2024-05-07

Reengineering application integrating modelling and simulation


The objective of REALMS is to demonstrate the feasibility to re-engineer a critical business process at two countries' pilot user sites, through the application and use of a Business Process Re-engineering methodology based on advanced information technologies.

This project is a 6 month definition phase which is intended to gain an overview of existing tools, methods and models, and to demonstrate their suitability for business process re-engineering and benchmarking. The final goal of this phase is to prove that the integration of modelling and simulation to support re-engineering is feasible, and that such an integrated tool would lead to considerable benefits for the pilot users. The long term goal of the project is to develop the integrated methodology and a corresponding software tool to support business process re-engineering and benchmarking in mid-sized European companies.

The approach will be to :
- model the pilot users' critical business process, using GIM (GRAI Integrated Methodology). GIM uses IDEF0 diagrams for the physical system modelling and GRAI grids and GRAI nets for the decisional system modelling ;
- define the objective of the process and the corresponding performance indicators, using the ECOGRAI method,
- identify the critical activities according to the result of the performance measurement,
- compare the pilot users' models and collect the corresponding information outside (benchmarking),
- identify several improvement solution for these critical activities and simulate these solutions, using the FEMOS simulation software tool,
- evaluate the result of the simulation and propose the final re-engineering solution.

Meanwhile, a task is to incorporate the demands from midsized companies and transfer the results of the project on this European market.
For this six month definition phase, the "Customer Order Flow" has been chosen to be the domain of study, due to the fact it is supposed to be the most critical domain, according to the pilot users's point of view.

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