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Functional imaging during X-ray interventions


The overall aim of this multidisciplinary project is to train five early stage researchers in the exciting and relevant field of medical imaging, and to close a technology gap in interventional radiology. Training will be provided in various inter-related disciplines, including X-ray and imaging physics, numerical mathematics, engineering disciplines, and interventional medicine.

The technical objective of the project is to develop and exploit basic and application-specific methods for tomographic X-ray imaging, with the vision of improved medical treatment procedures in interventional medicine in Europe. In particular, the project aims at making currently unavailable quantitative information on physiological parameters, such as arterial blood flow and brain tissue perfusion, accessible during X-ray interventions. A second major technical objective is to enable interventional tomographic X-ray imaging of fast moving objects such as the human heart. Availability of such imaging capabilities is expected to significantly improve planning, guidance, and outcome control of existing and future minimal-invasive medical treatment procedures.

The fellows will be fully integrated into a cluster of existing, strongly collaborating projects, comprising more than 20 highly skilled researchers working in the field of tomographic X-ray imaging. The fellows will benefit from an extensive European research network, offering close cooperation with eight universities and four clinical training partners. The proposed programme has a potential impact on future medical products and will thus strengthen the competitiveness of the European medical systems industry. The fellows will have ample opportunities to contribute to and participate in activities of the scientific community. The training project will serve the core requirement for a Ph.D. degree. It is expected that the training will give the fellows a strong basis to start a research career at international top-level.

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