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Omi user group on automotive and aerospace applications


The main objectives of OMI-UG-TRANSPORT are:

- the creation of a forum for facilitating and stimulating the cooperation of users and suppliers of embedded microprocessor systems technology in automotive and aerospace applications, thereby becoming a leading edge meeting place, progressively creating an international business community;
- the identification of specific requirements for automotive and aerospace applications in embedded microprocessor systems technology;
- learning between users and in particular identification of common requirements in the automotive and aerospace applications;
- learning between users and suppliers, thereby creating awareness of existing solutions on one hand and on user acceptance and needs on the other hand;
- clear input to the OMI direction on user requirements in the automotive and aerospace industry, leading to a strong market orientation of the OMI programme and thereby larger reuse of results.
As a result, OMI-UG-TRANSPORT will improve the information flow between technology users and suppliers and the OMI direction and stimulate new business opportunities. The benefits for all involved players will be a stronger focus on application driven research and development, leading to a faster transfer of technology from R&D to market applications and a larger deployment of European microprocessor technology in automotive and aerospace applications. This will result in a better competitive position of the European industry of automotive and aerospace, microprocessor and ASIC design houses, systems and software houses and silicon foundries.


Microprocessor systems technology has become a key issue in the design of performant, reliable and cost effective equipment. The European players in the embedded systems market have an interest in adapting the local offer in this area to the user needs : hardware modules including microprocessor cores and macrocells, systems software and kernels, development and migration tools, standards, design and foundry services, etc. The OMI programme was created to provide Europe with a strong capability in microprocessor systems technology in particular for embedded applications in strategic business sectors. The systems industry, the suppliers of microprocessor technology and the OMI authorities have become aware of the need for an efficient cooperation and the need of an organisational structure to facilitate the dialogue between all involved players.


OMI-UG-TRANSPORT will create an open forum for both organisations involved and not yet involved in OMI. It will actively promote the participation of the European automotive and aerospace industry in order to build a representative User Group. Participation of experts with skills in both marketing and technology will be encouraged. The objectives will be achieved by forum meetings, focused working groups, specific studies from experts in marketing and technology and information dissemination actions within OMI and to the outside world. The emerging OMI-UG-TRANSPORT business community will be lead by a small kernel of organisations forming an Executive Board. A Project Secretariat will coordinate, support, facilitate and stimulate the OMI-UG-TRANSPORT activities.
The projected duration is of 18 months providing draft guidelines for the future OMI strategy after 9 months and a final report with guidelines and recommendations after 18 months.

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