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Risk-driven software process improvement


The aim of DriveSPI is to produce and validate by trial applications a European framework for improving the software process maturity with strong emphasis on risk management.

Integration of risk management within process improvement is recognised by the software community as a major challenge for the next decade.

The consortium is driven by two trial applications; each of particular significance to its owner (the French financial institution Caisse des Dépôts Group and the Finnish steel industry Rautaruukki Group). The two software-houses, CCC Software Professionals Oy from Finland and CR2A-DI from France provide the risk-driven process improvement framework. This is based on their complementary experience and knowledge of process improvement and risk management.

The risk-driven process improvement framework definition relies on the successful European and international projects. DriveSPI aims at integrating risk management methodology (based on RiskMan) into the assessment framework (based on BOOTSTRAP) and the improvement framework (based on SPICE).

Both trial applications are large and crucial for their owners. They are also of a very different nature. This supports realistic experiments for validating the approach for use in a wide range of European software organisations - both companies dealing with business information systems and industrial companies coping with control systems.

The trial application of Informatique CDC is based on two important projects for CDC, The first is a software product development (APPIC). The second is the evolution of the Human Resources Information System of CDC.

The SAPCO (SAles Planning and Control System) project is the trial application for Rautaruukki. It will ensure the sales planning and control system of Rautaruukki Thin Sheet Division.

Three principles have been employed to ensure that the consortium is strong and effective

- Establishing close user/provider relationships (Rautaruukki/CCC and Caisse des Dépôts/CR2A-DI) ensuring efficient and the effective trial application process improvement project conduct.
- Permanently cross-feeding the trial-applications through management rules defined in purpose. Also, the partners tight co-operation with the RiskMan project and in other national projects will ensure that the projects internal communication is successful;
- Dedicating a strong effort on the framework for disseminating the results. State-of-the-art standards will be for communication and training within the software community.

The project will produce the DriveSPI methodology , a risk-driven software process improvement methodology, that has been validated by trial applications. This methodology enhances the RiskMan general methodology in the direction of process improvement for software development and extends the BOOTSTRAP assessment methodology to risk management issues.

Trial application results will be consolidated, disseminated to the software community and will feed back the DriveSPI risk-driven process improvement approach. The dissemination shall be eased by the fact that the trial applications are complementary to each other. Results will then be generalised for a wide spectrum of European companies.

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