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Embedded dram technology applied to advanced multimedia components


New developments in DRAM-based technologies provide designers with the opportunity to integrate huge amounts of DRAM, SRAM and logic on a single chip. This is a significant new paradigm for OMI that includes leading edge European based technology for embedded systems. The process of embedding logic in DRAMs is being offered by SMST (Germany) a recently established joint venture of Philips and IBM. It is the main objective of GraphMem to exploit this new opportunity in the area of graphics for multimedia, where we expect it to have a large impact and to bring this new technology to OMI by developing macrocell based components, support tools and software. These components will open new and large markets; thus the project is a significant contribution to the strengthening of European IT and Multimedia industry.
Key deliverables will be:

- 2D and 3D Graphics prototypes for the multimedia PC market.
- A market ready PCI board for real-time graphics applications.
- A range of DRAM macrocells with a new OMI standard for the interconnection of logic and DRAM cells, together with a suite of high level VHDL tools for the rapid construction of combined logic and DRAM designs.
- Research results that identify future architectures and applications for OMI GraphMem technology.
- APIs for the prototypes and graphics application authoring tools based on these APIs.
The project is planned so that the ground will be laid for successful follow-up products.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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