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- That the OCR under development can readily perform static image acquisition; it is simple and reliable and its production price can be very competitive in comparison with already available similar devices.

- That the ASIC itself can be profitably used in other planned products that require image analysis, such as a surveillance TV camera or a digital remote TV camera connected to the control monitor via a telephone line.

- The acquired microelectronic experience is to be transferred to other products, leading to enhanced performance and substantial savings in production cost.

A dedicated, compact and cost-effective TV camera is to be designed for use in an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) subsystem as well as in a remote surveillance system. It must therefore be capable of performing pattern recognition and motion detection functions. ASIC technology has been selected to achieve the best price-to-performance ratio. Most of the image analysis functions are performed by the ASIC now in development and the complete system just requires few very low cost components other than the microprogrammable ASIC itself to do the required job.

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