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Chemistry and nanoelectronics


This EST proposal aims at addressing the ultimate issue of the necessary multidisciplinary training at the interface between the most advanced scientific research and the pre-industrial research in the "chemistry and nanoelectronics" domain. This training project based on recruitment of more than 15 PhD students, in the frame of the MINATEC innovation centre, will allow a better coupling efficiency both between chemistry and nanoelectronics and between scientific and technological research. It will favour a multicultural approach so that experts, researchers, engineers and students can run or take part to multidisciplinary projects which are crucial for the future of nanoelectronics.

This project will be the first main step of a long term academical and technological training and development program. Molecular electronics and supramolecular electronics are ones of the foreseen futures of today's microelectronics through the use of bottom-up approaches. Embryonic research is of critical importance to keep and attract the knowledge in Europe and to avoid "brain leakage". Grenoble-MINATEC being already one of the main successful European "ecozones" is able to compete with the famous Silicon Valley.

This EST project is submitted by the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA). Its laboratories are located in Paris (Saclay) and Grenoble, the two major French scientific poles, and gather 2800 researchers of whom 140 are specifically involved in the advanced and recent "chemistry and nanoelectronics" program on molecular electronics, polymer electronics, nanophotonics, surface and supramolecular chemistry together with the leading technological platform of LETI-MINATEC. Such a program within a single institution is unique and it has an original and unique specificity: the formation of top-level multidisciplinary researchers with a truly double scientific and technological culture.

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