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Inter-university dissemination project of Omi


This project aims at the consolidation of some of the tasks initiated in the recently finished OMIDIS project and will drive a natural continuation of the Interuniversity activities related to OMI started there.

The project will focus on:
The operation and consolidation of the European Inter University Network (IUN) continuing with its former activity acting as a distribution centre of the OMI technologies and products inside the Academic Research Centres. An extension of the Inter University Network into the new markets of interest to the OMI Community as are: North and Central America, Far East Countries, East and North European Countries, and other areas of possible interest for the OMI dissemination activities.
Reviewing, analysing and consolidating the existing OMI documents, more in particular the OMI Reference Book, to generate an easy-to-use tool for the institutions that could use and include in their research projects the existing OMI technology.
Use of new technology dissemination channels as is the WWW on the INTERNET network to provide up-to-date information of IUN community, OMI technology consolidation and OMI related information events, and including the conventional training activities and concertation events too.


Universitat Nacional de Educacion A Distancia
Ets Ingenieros Industriales, Ciudad Universitaria S/n
28040 Madrid