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Gamma Ray Bursts and Their Afterglows

Final Report Summary - GRBANDAFTERGLOW (Gamma Ray Bursts and Their Afterglows)

We have investigated a list of hydrodynamic scenarios and radiation transport mechanisms relevant for gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and their afterglows. Particular attention was devoted to self-similar solutions. We have examined a new type of self similarity, in which a solution is similar to itself only over a discrete set of times. We have shown that these are relevant for a long list of problems, including the stability of self similar solutions and two dimensional solutions. In the investigation of radiation processes we have both examined inverse-Compton, providing predictions for the Fermi satellite, and more recently, provided analysis of the early emission from cooling envelopes of exploding stars. These are relevant for the early emission from supernovae, at the time when the shockwave just breaks out of the star and shortly after.