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Trial application on database coupling by open database middleware


One of the key requirements for future coupling of IT systems is an open and flexible way to handle global access and updates to distributed heterogeneous Database Systems (DBS). With TALENT we address this wide area of interaction/integration of information bases. TALENT consists of two partners, a technology supplier (SNI) and an application domain user (MID).

By the leading edge technology Open Database Middleware (OpenDM) a software layer is given offering an open way of transparent and homogeneous access to distributed heterogeneous DBMS environments to applications with standard interfaces (e.g. ODMG or SQL). Furthermore, neither the number of coupled DBMS nor the types of DBMS are limited (e.g. relational, hierarchical as well as object-oriented DBS are supported), while the coupling of DBS is realised by Database Adapters (DBA). OpenDM consists of a set of modules configurable to support different application areas. Potential application areas are federation of DBMS or migration of data/tools from one DBMS to another. The major part of OpenDM has been developed by SNI within the context of the Jessi Common Framework-PROJECT (JCF - EP 7364) as a pre-product.

MID will use OpenDM as a base technology to provide their product Innovator (a software development environment) with database independence and migration facilities. The database independence of Innovator is achieved by storing its repository by OpenDM in various counts of DBMS, also allowing the migration of repository data between different Innovator versions. This will increase the market chances of Innovator by providing an easy way to support new or customer-wanted DBMS as well as allowing customers to migrate from older to newer versions of Innovator.

Both partners will co-operate to achieve and evaluate integration of Innovator and OpenDM within TALENT. The major objectives of TALENT are: to stabilise OpenDM for exploitation as a product, to enhance market chances of OpenDM, as well as of Innovator, to test the new leading edge technology of OpenDM in a real application domain, and to secure functional enhancement of Innovator by OpenDM.

The project will provide experience with OpenDM in a real application domain. This will provide paths for further exploitation of OpenDM and Innovator integrated with OpenDM. Additional expected project results will be steps towards handling heterogeneity and interoperability of DBMS. It will be shown that part of these problems can be efficiently handled with generic base technology (like OpenDM) and that complete systems (like Innovator) may be easily realised or adapted. This may open European market segments for interoperable database middleware used by system or application builders to ease implementation effort, to decrease time to market and reduce the effort required for customisation for user needs in heterogeneous environments.

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