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Modular microelectronic system design


The prime objective of the Modular MicroElectronic-Systems Design (MODES) project, is the establishment of a commercially viable route (The ModesRoute), with tools and methods, to support a whole-ist approach to development of cost and performance optimised MicroElectronic-Systems; minimising Time-To-Market, development cost and total development effort.

To achieve this goal, MODES will address :

- MicroElectronic-System Requirement Analysis and Hardware / Software Partitioning.
- Microcontroller and system, design and debug cycles, maximising reuse of cells and design methodology (ELI).
- Automated configuration of Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) recognising hardware resources and application requirements.
- Application software development and debug, maximising reuse of high and low level software modules (SLI), language and debug tools.
- Concurrent development support, providing development of application software in parallel with microcontroller availability.
- Graphical Application Software Development techniques.
... and will culminate in the development of an Advanced Building Management System Controller, a MicroElectronic-system, using the ModesRoute developed in the project.
MODES comprises three commercially strong yet complementary Partners, supported by three complementary academic and SME Associates, to provide the overall experience and new ideas needed to bring the project to a successful completion.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


Mitel Semiconductors Limited
Cheney Manor
SN2 2QW Swindon
United Kingdom

Participants (2)

Etnoteam S.p.a.
Via Adelaide Bono Cairoli 34
20127 Milano
Jaegershillgatan 18