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Having registered in 2006 the highest number of patents world-wide, Europe is deficient in benefiting from investments in knowledge. There is little demand for technology and customer oriented products and services. The goal of INNOFIT is to further the regions’ capability of “demand creation”, which allows SME, larger firms and research institutions to benefit from sales of products and services based on its knowledge. The proposal follows the strategy of “backing European winners” in their effort to catch up with global best regions. The consortium is composed of European SatNav regions, currently undertaking Galileo project. The proposal is produced by the best Research and Development Clusters of the European Galileo/SatNav industry: Holland Rijnland and regions of Munich, Rome and Prague and its innovation and entrepreneurship centres. Aim of INNOFIT shall be focused on excellence in capability of demand creation for the Galileo downstream market from which a new 9 Billion € industry with over 140.000 jobs is expected to emerge. To achieve this INNOFIT will identify global best practices (WP 2) and state-of-play in the European regions of knowledge with show cases of demand creation capabilities that are adapted to European regions (WP 3). Integration activities in a joint action plan take place in WP4. Sustainability of project results is driven by the need for demand creation for new services from Galileo that will be operational by the end of INNOFIT. The innovation of INNOFIT is to assume that demand is not a given but can and need be created by forward looking activities of managers and policy makers. The focus here is on entrepreneurial initiatives supported with open innovation environments and living labs so that future customers and developers interact in the creation of new innovative services for Galileo applications. The project results will be disseminated through mentoring in the network of SatNav regions (WP5) and beyond SatNav industries limits.

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