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Distributed multimedia-archives for co-operative TV-production


The field of application for the EUROMEDIA project represents the fusion of digital multimedia technology with broadcasting technology. A basic prerequisite for emerging broadcasting services such as Video on Demand (VoD) is the design of digital archives and the provision of suitable means for access them. Since digitised material intended for broadcasting, including relevant descriptive and administrative data, is multimedia in nature, the digital archives also need to be multimedia.

The project addresses both the design of the archives and the development of suitable means for accessing them. It is developing a digital multimedia archive in the broadcasting domain. The project is characterised by:

- Use of available technology.
- Design and installation of multimedia archives with common access by the users involved in the consortium.
- Application of suitable and advanced (semi)automated multimedia indexing and retrieval methods using image processing.
- Interconnection of and data exchange between local components installed at the individual users' sites using available communications infrastructure.
- Provision of interfaces to administration and production at the broadcasting sites involved.
- Integration into the broadcasting workflow.
- Analysis of service provision by applying the pilot system to the distribution of programmes among the users involved.

The system will also provide mechanisms for the management of rights and remuneration. For coping with mass storage problems, most of the material will be kept in preview quality.

The users involved are broadcasters who are participating in the EUROMEDIA consortium and other potential users of the archives.

In addition to the broadcasting scenario described above, the generality of the system being developed will be validated by analysing transfer applications for multimedia publishers (e.g. CD-ROM or CD-I-production). Access to archives is of particular relevance for multimedia publishers, since reuse of multimedia material is essential for maintaining competitiveness.

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